Topic 2
Yacht Management Info
Yacht Management Info
Operations management:
- Berthing  - Marine insurance  - Travel arrangements  
Agency services  - Flag administration  - Safety requirements
- Winterizing services  - Refit & repair 
Financial administration:
Budget design  - Book keeping
- VAT and Tax services  - Documentary and Certificates renewal
- Monthly update  - Report with financial status in income/expenses   
- Regular budgeting Forecast at any period   - Annual budgeting
- Insurance and clarification issues  - Crew accounting
- Vessel accounting
Shore support and technical consulting:                                        
- 24/7 support by a team of technicians  - Maintenance solutions      
- Report on maintenance status  - Repairs
- Dry docking  - Refits  - Follow up in coordination with crew
Career Crew

We can assist you in finding the right yacht crew. We can recruit for you qualified, skilled and experienced individuals who will fulfill  the crew position you wish. Mega-Yachting can also take care of all Crew Support Services you will need like contract, payroll, travel documents, visas, work permit and any relevant documentation management. We can coordinate the crew training for any necessary operational certificates and licenses needed. So whether you’re a yacht owner and looking for the perfect yacht crew or even if you are looking for a job as a crew member we can help you.